In this day and age there is so much free information in the world and so much of it is convenient that it has become possible to play around with experimentation and basic science that 100 years ago would have been expensive if not impossible. There is so much you can do now with the barest investment if any, and so much that you can discover for yourself that it seems a pity not to endeavor not to learn more just for fun. We therefore intend to do science and pose the right questions

We live in a world where knowledge and information is an easy commodity, stripped of the sense of wonder and discovery that used to define it. These feelings of wonder are intrinsically human and a necessary requisite for happiness and fulfillment. Accordingly, we aim to bring them back into our lives, and those of our audience by asserting that science is accessible and fun as long as one is open to the truth, no matter which form it may take, and willing to invest oneself in its discovery.